Tarutung is the capital of North Tapanuli, who at the beginning of the 19th century is a place visited by people around him to trade transactions that come from the area Silindung, Humbang, Samosir, Toba, Dairi, including from the south as Pahae, Sipirok, to Sibolga and Barus. Tarutung is that the District has the smallest area in North Tapanuli but it has the highest density in North Tapanuli. Currently, Tarutung renowned as a center of religious tourism in North Sumatra. In this city HKBP Church activity center is located. Tarutung has a cold climate, offers the charm of alluring natural beauty. In this city, you can go to Sijaba Huta Ginjang, a natural park in North Sumatra, which overlooks Lake Toba. The Tarutung there is also a soda water bathing pool which there are only two in the world in addition to Venezuela, which Aek Rara Tarutung.

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