Tapak Paderi Beach, Bengkulu is one attraction that should be the mainstay of Bengkulu city as one destination to tour the city of Bengkulu. Tapak Padri Beach can be reached only about 10 minutes from the center of Bengkulu City. The beach is located between Long Beach and Jakat Beach, Bengkulu City and can be connected directly to both the beach either by sea, land and air. Since the days of British occupation in the archipelago, in the area around the Tapak Paderi Beach serve as the downtown area in Bengkulu at the time.

On the edge of this beach, too, the British Government in the days of the occupation to build a fortress and also the seat of government called the Fort Marlborough on the instructions of the Governor General Thomas Stamford Raffless. On this beach, too, there is a China Town or Village of China which reflects life in the time of first occupation and the downtown area at that time.

Tapak Paderi Beach has natural charm, especially at sunset. You can enjoy a romantic sunset while enjoying roasted corn snacks. You also can enjoy the scenery around the coast from the middle of an artificial lake located on the beach with a boat that had been prepared in this place.

Tapak Paderi Beach have a wonderful scenery, attraction is a full history of the past because in this coastal area has a lot of story colonial period, especially during the British occupation. With Location that not far from the center of Bengkulu City, this beach being in a strategic location from both land and sea lane and connected directly to the Long Beach and Coast Jakat, Bengkulu. Tapak Paderi is a complete tourist attraction, combining historical and beach tourist attractions makes this beach a mainstay of Bengkulu Tourism.

Aside from its natural beauty, Tapak Paderi’s historical attractions are what set it apart from other beaches. Tapak Paderi was the center of the first seaport in Bengkulu. It was also the hub for marine transportation of the British Government. The port was located just 100 meters from Fort Marlborough, a fort built by the British in the early 18th century. This fort and the Thomas Parr Monument are the most visited attractions in the Bengkulu Province. Along this beach, you can also see a Chinatown that was once also a major hub of activity.


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