Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Popular Beach in Belitung Island – Indonesia

Tanjung Tinggi is one of the favorite beaches in Belitung island. This popular beach is located on the north side of Belitung island, for about 37 kilometers from the central of Tanjunpandan city. It is flanked by two beaches peninsula. This white sandy beaches, and unique because there are hundreds of large granite stones that are scattered in the peninsula and also in the sea in front of the beach. Granite size from a few cubic meters to hundreds of cubic meters bigger than a building of houses.

The are many stones are located above the white sand. It has white sand between the stones and crystal clear sea water. White sand is everywhere along the coast. Children will love to play there. Because the waves are not large, clear sea water with a sandy sea bottom surface, the kids would really love to play on the beach. You do not have to worry about shark attacks, because it’s never happened in the Pacific Islands. The only thing that sometimes have to watch out for is the jellyfish, particularly large.

In this beautiful beach, the stones cover the beach. The shape of these stones was no less unique, some of which have shaped cave that can be used for shelter if the rain arrives. above the rocks are large, visitors can sit shelter if the rain arrives. Above the rocks, you can also sit around relaxing while waiting for sunset moment.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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