Tanjung Setia Beach is located at Tanjung Setia Village, Bengkunat sub-district, West Lampung, Lampung Province, Indonesia. Precisely, it lies about 60 km from Liwa. Liwa itself is the capital of West Lampung. To reach the beach, you can take public transportation, such as Krui Putra Bus from Terminal Rajabasa in Bandar Lampung. 

Tanjung Setia Beach is one of favorite destinations for surfers from around the world. The waves of water are challenging and they want to conquer the powerful of waves. The white sand is so smooth as you step on it. The character of waves is also high and even nominated as the highest waves in the world because it can reach about seven meters. 

The high waves with the natural condition of sea and fresh air invite surfers to come. Besides becoming surfing spot, Tanjung Setia Beach is also well-known as fishing spot with various fish, such as tuna and blue marlin. This will become unforgettable moment as you spend your vacation in the beach.

Tanjung Setia Beach faces directly to Hindia Ocean. At certain occasion, visitors will be able to watch competitions that connected to water sports, such as volley, surfing, soccer, and playing kite. In addition, if you want to complete the adventure, you can build a tent and stay overnight under the sky while making bonfire.

Far from the shorelines and raging waves, the seas off the coast of Tanjung Setia Beach await fishing enthusiasts to discover their rich treasures. From all the various collection of fish, the legendary Blue Marlin giant fish obviously outshines other catch. Locally known as Iwa Tuhuk,  Blue Marlins here can weigh roughly between 50 to 70 Kilograms and measure up to 170 cm in length. The sensation of heaving in the reel in a fight against one of these deep sea beasts is an experience unmatched by any other. The diving sites here are also legendary among dive aficionados, although nowhere near as popular as their counterparts in Manado or, again, in Bali.

Given its unspoilt beauty and strategically secluded location, the term hidden pearl suits this pristine beach most perfectly. Its indulging waters and challenging waves combined with relaxing un-crowded beaches make this a perfect destination both for adrenalin-pumping junkies and getaway seekers.


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