Tanjung Pendam Beach in Tanjung Pandan – Belitung

Tanjung Pendam is the closest beach from the airport and located in the capital of Belitung called Tanjung Pandan.

This beach doesn’t really have anything significant but long white beach with some pine trees on the side of it and a so-so made brick and short fence on the endge of the beach. And since it’s located in the town, they have built a brick parking lots just right afer the rows of trees. There are some signs where there are several food stalls around on certain hour. Our driver told us that this place is a good spot to watch sun-set in the evening, hence it’s quite popular among the locals to go and spend the nice evening time there.

One interesting thing about this beach is there are some trees grows in the water and made something different from the beach.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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