Tanjung Lesung is nestled in the West Coast area of Java, in the Banten Province. Beaches on this coast is known to be some of the best as they offer good surf, calm swimming spots, considerably healthy reefs, and white inviting sand. Only 3 hours car ride away from bustling Jakarta and a short 30-minutes from Carita, Tanjung Lesung is a pleasant choice for a weekend getaway. Jakartans and beach-goers from other cities in the country might flock this west coast of Java area, but Tanjung Lesung will remain serene and private, as there are limited accommodations here. The beauty and serenity of Tanjung Lesung’s surrounding area is also made possible by the legendary peak of Krakatoa. It is a sight that made Sunda Strait famous all around the world. 

Indonesia has over 130 active volcanoes. These volcanoes make up to what is notoriously known as the “Ring of Fire”, the axis of the Indonesian island arc system. A chain of volcanic mountains forms an east-west spine along the island of Java. Krakatoa or Krakatau in Indonesian is undeniably the most famous volcanoes in the archipelago due to the world’s loudest recorded bang that it created in 1883. Today the area around the majestic mountain is lush and rich in biodiversity both on land and under the water. Scientists from all over the world still come to conduct researches on the volcanic richness of West Java coast and its natural surroundings.

Krakatoa, the volcanic island made of lava has been calm for more than a century now. Its grand history that shook the world for years is still and always be a great story to tell and retell. Nonetheless, Sunda Strait is now made exciting by the presence of Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau), a volcanic mass that has been on the boil since 1928. At times the kindred spirit mountain would send out showers of glowing rocks and belch smoke and ashes. If anything, it only makes it even more of a magical sight to be admired from afar.

There are plenty of interesting places to visit in the headland dimples. What is there interesting places to visit when the headland to the mortar :

1. Kawasan Tanjung Lesung Resort
In this area we can enjoy a variety of water games such as jet skiing, banana boating, open water diving, glass bottom boat, sea kayaking, pedal boat, and snorkel as already published before. Tanjung Lesung Beach neighborhood also looks better maintained as a tourist class and of course have a clean white sand beaches, crystal clear sea water with the underwater charm is still beautiful, as well as adequate support for the surrounding environment.

2. Pantai Bodur
Bodur in Tanjung Lesung beach has soft white sand beaches and greenish sea water mixed with dark blue. The beach can also be used for swimming, Basic sand is very soft and the water depth is sufficient to make my swimming activities much more comfortable. The beach Bodur can also enjoy the beautiful atahari slowly disappearing below the sky and leaving a tinge of orange-tinge in the sky (sunset).

3. Kampung Wisata Cipanon Tanjung Lesung Banten
Cipanon tourist village on the promontory mortar has a beautiful and underwater biodiversity. The existence of marine species other than bring the beauty of the underwater panorama that become tourist attractions, is also beneficial for the balance of nature and life support for the fishermen Cipanon.

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