Tanjung Lesung Beach

tanjung-lesung.jpgTanjung(Cape) Lesung is like a beautiful virgin who began to glance, after a neatly dressed. Resort located on a small peninsula on the south line of the west coast of the Sunda Strait is easily taken after the road leading to this improved location.

There are 3 bus provided by Indonesian government (DAMRI) from Serang to Tanjung Lesung, since mid-June 2003, to facilitate public to go to the tourist object.
Located in the village of Tanjung Jaya, Pandeglang district, Banten, an integrated tourist area of Tanjung Lesung can be reached for about 2.5 hours to 3 hours from Jakarta via Jakarta-Merak highway with the distance of about 160 km.This is the first alternative way to the Tanjung Lesung. There is a second alternative, via Jakarta-Merak highway, exit at Cilegon Toll gate, then along the coast of Anyer, Carita, Labuan and continue to end up in Tanjung Lesung. As for those who come from Bogor, the location of this tour can be taken through Rangkasbitung -> Pandeglang -> Labuan. For those who come from the sea, can take ship from Tanjung Priok Port in North Jakarta to the west, along the west coast of Java island on the edge of the Sunda Strait.

The road to Cape Lesung previously were damaged and a hole, but it’s been improved since 2003, so that more local and international tourists are facilitated to this beautiful Cape.

For those who are on their first visit to the Tanjung Lesung and using personal vehicles, don’t be confused. If you take the exit toll gate of the East Serang, follow the directions to the Pandeglang-Labuan-Cape Lesung.
If you want to stay at Tanjung Lesung, you SHOULD make a reservation first. In the tourist area of 1500 hectares, the newly developed is just about 200 hectares, consisting of beach resort hotel (Tanjung Lesung Beach Club / TLBC) and sailing club(Tanjung Lesung Sailing Club / TLSC) along with facilities and road infrastructure.

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