Tanjung Karang


Not many tourist areas with a diversity of coral reefs and fish species are complete in Indonesia. From those few, Tanjung Karang in Donggala, Central Sulawesi is one of them. Only about 40 kilometers from the city of Palu, capital of Central Sulawesi province, or to travel about 1 hour, Tanjung Karang easily achieved. There is no difficulty to reach the tourist sites are located at the end of the Palu Bay. From the city of Palu, if it joined the group could rent a car easily, because almost all hotels in Palu provides car rental services.

Go to the tourist sites are also not collected penny. Visitors will find white sand that extends along the bay. Not to forget, the water is clear blue with a group of rocks close to the shore. Do not expect any big waves here, because the sea is jutting into the bay, so that the area is not suitable for surfing. However, tranquility Tanjung Karang ‘paid’ with diving and snorkeling. Tanjung Karang according to the locals is a heaven for those who like to dive and want to enjoy the cluster of coral and underwater diversity. In this area at least adal 17 coral clusters that are within a radius of 20 km from the shoreline. Can divers can enjoy the coral from a depth of 1 meter to 40 meters which offers a beautiful view. For those who can not dive, can also enjoy the reef by using special boats provided by the area manager. The fares are 100,000 to one group which can accommodate 20 people.

Visitors will be taken around the area about 500 meters along the coast and see the reef through the ‘glass boat’ specially modified to enjoy the journey. Well, if you want to stay in the tourist area of ​​Cape Coral, visitors can rent a cottage that much built around that location. Average tariffs Rp300,000 per night, it could be cheaper if they can negotiate with the manager.

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