Tanjung Kalian Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located at Tanjung Kalian who are in the village of Simpang District Pangek barnacles, about 9 km from the city in the province Muntok Islands Pacific Islands, Indonesia.

This lighthouse is a means of saving the ship traffic. At night, the lights of this lighthouse can be seen clearly with a radius of 5 km from the sea, as a base line passing ships. The lighthouse was built by the Dutch in 1862 and has a height of approximately 65 m and 117 have a circular stone staircase inside the tower. From the above we can see our height, by watching the palm trees are far below us. And to the outside of the tower we can reach the top by using a small ladder, around the top of the tower surrounded by an iron fence. From the top of our lighthouse can be seen throughout the Cape You’re a beautiful beach along the 5 km. And to the east, it appears the old port city Muntok.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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