Tanjung Binga Beach, Clear Blue Sea Water in Belitung Island

Tanjung Binga Beach Belitung is lies on the fishermen’s village named Keciput, 8 kilometers from Tanjung Tinggi Beach. Tanjung Binga Beach has a clear blue sea and the waves are calm. Not far from Tanjung Binga Beach, there are several small islands are also worth visiting, such as Lengkuas Island, Batu Berlayar Island, Pasir Island and others. And to reach these islands island only takes about 30 minutes using a traditional fishing boat.

Tanjung Binga Beach is located approximately 18 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan City and it is fishermen’s village. Tanjung Binga Beach travel offers typical views of fishermen’s village form of ships passing and drying fish place and along its shores lined fisherman houses are neatly arranged.

There you can see activity around the community life as a fisherman. During the afternoon, you can see the fishermen go to sea, and children playing on the shore with sunset in the background. Meanwhile, in the morning you can see fishermen back home to sea or fishing also drying fish. On the morning this is your opportunity to buy fresh fish brought by fishermen. Of course, all the fish is still fresh because the fish catch by fishermen at night.

Tanjung Binga Beach seemed to be the perfect place to relax while enjoying the natural charm of the beautiful beach and chatting with the fishermen. You can get a lot of information about tourist attractions of Belitung beach with a friendly fishermen.

For you who have planned a vacation to Belitung Island, do not miss visiting some Belitung beaches tourism including fishermen’s village of Tanjung Binga. You will feel the nuances of different tourist beaches and impressive are in the fishermen’s village of Tanjung Binga.

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