Lombok island Indonesia has so many stunning beaches, moreover on the south coast. One of the beaches that should be in your Lombok tourism list is Tanjung Aan Beach, the home of Princess Mandalika. The beach is facing the Indian Ocean with about 2 km stretched coastline. One thing that you will directly notice when you hit out feet on Tanjung Aan Beach is the sand. Unlike other Lombok beaches, the sand of this beach is like a pepper.

This beach is perfect for who are looking for a perfect beach to swim or snorkeling due to the smooth flowing wave with medium height. If you don’t bring your own equipment, you can get the high quality ones on the area. In the late afternoon, when the wave is getting high, Tanjung Aan Beach will be the rendezvous spot for surfers.

Tanjung Aan Beach is surrounded by some hills and you can get easy access to the hills to see Tanjung Aan Beach from the higher level. Around this lombok tourism, you will find some wooden umbrella with braided straw roof. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the beach; you can tan your skin and grab your coconut that you can buy there. You can also find rows of restaurants that serve various foods and beverages that can be enjoyed together with the magnificent view of Tanjung Aan Beach.

During the holiday, most of the tourists are domestic tourist, but if you visit Tanjung Aan at Lombok Indonesia around February, the beach will be filled by both domestic and international tourists because there is a special event called as Bau Nyale ritual. The ritual is related to a tale about the beautiful princess Mandalika who jumped to the south sea to stop the princes who want her to be their wife. Princess Mandalika is said to be the incarnation of a worm called Nyale. The local people make foods from Nyale.

“Nyale” itself is local-collective-name of some sea worm species that always ‘bloom’ in certain season at Tanjung Aan and some other areas in Indonesia (specially Lombok, Sumba, and Moluccas). At least they are 4 species of Nyale from Eunicidae family, namely Eunice siciliensis, Eunice viridis, and Licydice collaris,  also 1 species of Nyale from Nereidae family namely Dendronereides  heteropoda.*) Tanjung Aan Beach at Lombok island Indonesia is located about 75 km from Mataram or about 3 km from Kuta beach.

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