Tangkoko National Park

In addition to the Batuputih Park, Tangkoko also comprises the Tangkoko-Batuangus National Park with a total area of 3,196 hectares – covering Mount Tangkoko-Batuangus and its surrounding areas – which are the Duasaudara National Park with a total area of 4,299 hectares (covering Mount Duasaudara and its surrounding areas), and the Batuangus National Park with 635 hectares (located between the Tangkoko National Park and Pinangunian village.

Getting There

This conservation area for endangered species in Bitung is located some 70 kilometers from Manado. Tourists prefer to visit Batuputih, making it the favourite tourist destination of Tangkoko.

It takes about an hour’s drive from Manado to Bitung and a further 45 minutes from Bitung to Batuputih travelling by winding asphalt roads.

Getting Around

Upon entering Batuputih, you will see tall trees, particularly at Post I or at its entrance gate. On the left, you can see beautiful beaches and rest areas. Entrance fee to Batuputih and the Tangkoko National Park, including guide fee is a minimum   Rp70 thousand.

At the second post, you will find temporary shelters for researchers, who are mostly foreigners. When traveling around the forest, you will find them observing animal behavior in Tangkoko such as that of the local black monkey (Macaca Nigra), the Tarsius Spectrum, the smallest monkey in the world and various bird species.

To Do

In this conservation area you may travel by car from Post I to Post II. Before reaching Post II, you will find a secondary tropical forest where are trees and pioneer plants such as forest betels, flower wood and binunga.

At Post II, you can park your car and walk to explore the forest. Here are groups of Sulawesi black monkeys (Macaca Nigra) and going deeper into the forest, you can hear the singing of birds such as that of the Rangon, the Kingfisher, doves and many more.

From Batu Putih, you near the border of the Tangkoko National Park. This border is not quite clear but your local guide will tell you when you reach it. Visitors who explore  Batuputih or the Tangkoko National Park must be accompanied by  a Park guide, except for those who are experienced mountain climbers or are local or foreign researchers.

To Stay

At Batuputih are inns and guest houses managed by local inhabitants for rent to visitors. Their rates vary depending on facilities.

To Eat

If you do not wish to stay overnight, it is best to bring along your own food and drinks, especially if you  want to walk around the forests in the Tangkoko National Park.

To Buy

No souvenir shops are available to buy near this area since it borders the Batuputih Bawah village.


If you wish to explore the forests, it is best to bring along safety boots and anti-mosquito repellents. Also carry sufficient food and drinks.

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