The location of Tanah Merah Waterfall is about 14 Km from Samarinda downtown, precisely in Purwosari orchard, north Samarinda district. This tourism place has compatible calm for family recreation because equipped with wide park area; ancient verandah palace to took a rest, booth, open stage and others. To reach this place can join with others public vehicle of Segiri Market – Siring River route.

Waterfall Tanah Merah Samarinda, Niagara Tanah Merah is a leading tourist spot in the city of Samarinda. What tourist attractions are located in the hamlet Purwosari, Kelurahan Tanah Merah, District of North Samarinda. In addition to the captivating panoramic waterfalls, there are also some cottage to relax, shop and place your parkis prepared for the tourists. The cost should you spend to buy tickets go to the Tanah Merah Waterfall Samarinda is the appropriate age category of visitors. Although the road leading to the resorts is still rocky, thereby interfering with the convenience of road users who want to travel, but all will be entertained after seeing the Falls Tanah Merah.

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