Tambi Tea Farming Wonosobo

Tambi Tea Farming is one of natural tourist destination in Central Java. The farming is stretching along 830 hectares with a low temperature around 150C and it will make you able to enjoy natural beauty for hours. The stretch of tea farming with green scenery will make you feel great since you stepping at the farming of Tambi.

Location of Tambi Tea Farming
The farming is located at Tambi Village, Kejajar sub-districk, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. This place can be reached around 20 minutes from Dieng Plateu. Even though Tea Tambi Farming is located at the middle of village, but the it is accessible. The easy way to visit Tambi Tea Farming is by car from Wonosobo which is taken around 16 km. 

Actually, public transportation is also available. You can take a bus Wonosobo – Dieng and you have to turn down at Tambi Village. Next you have to continue your journey by on foot around 200 meters from the main road. Although you have to struggle to pass along 16 km from Wonosobo to Tambi Tea Farming, you will never feel bore because you can enjoy the beauty of nature during your trip. The green scenery is look like amazing carpet that will refresh your eyes.



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