This is Tarutung city landmark, a cross-shaped monument built in Dolok (hill) Siatas Barita to commemorate the service, dedication, and exceptional dedication of Dr. Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen. Nommensen is a missionary origin Marsch Nordstrand, the North German who taught Christianity in the land of Batak, Batak people to liberate from animism and underdevelopment of civilization. The peak (mountain) Siatas Barita this Nommensen never be killed of the Batak people takes place when the customary ritual worship of sombaon Siatas Barita, the spirit of nature worship of the Batak. Currently ritual leader (Sibaso) ordered his followers to kill, Nommensen deal and said that the spirits are spirits of demons. After that, Sibaso fell down and did not bother him anymore.
To be able to sign in, you have to pay the entrance fee of the Salib kasih of Rp 2 thousand per person. This cross has a height of approximately 30 meters and is decorated with lights so at night will be obvious from the city Tarutung located in the foothills of the Barita Siatas. From the position of this cross, you can view the city Tarutung. There is also an altar and seating with a capacity of 600 people for spiritual tourism, held meetings there. There are also small houses, called the House of Prayer, a place where tourists can offer prayers to the Creator. The charm of the tourist attractions in North Sumatra is always crowded with tourists visit.

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