Taman Rimba, Small Park Zoo in Jambi

Taman Rimba is a park was built on 18 hectare in the early 80s, aimed to become a playground, park and comfortable place for mostly local residents. It is the main attraction in Jambi city. The park is not far from Sultan Thaha Syaifuddin Airport, located on Sunaryo street, South Jambi sub-district.

In this park is a small zoo which has a collection of many kinds of birds and animals such as rangkok bird, sea pelican, eagle, hawk, stork, ostrich, black grizzly, elephant and crocodile. All the birds are placed inside a giant round cage and the scarce animals can be found inside their own cages so you can feed them. An elephant can take you around the arena.
Close to the zoo is the Jambi Traditional Homes where seven cultural buildings of Jambi are build providing a view on traditional life in and history of the city.

Getting here is easy and done best by public transportation. The park is located just 500 meters from the airport so most local bus to the airport pass it.



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