Taluhu Barakati


Lots of interesting places for tourists destination in the province of Gorontalo. Saronde Island, Taluhu BARAKATI, Lake Limboto only part of the sights and attractions Gorontalo Gorontalo are able to attract tourists to come to one of the provinces on Sulawesi island. Gorontalo is a province in Indonesia to 32. Before becoming a province of Gorontalo district is an area of Gorontalo regency and municipality in the province of Gorontalo North Sulawesi.

Gorontalo tourist attraction called Taluhu BARAKATI rekreasin place is suitable for families. Here the available facilities for visitors such as a swimming pool. One place to relax with family.

Barakati Swimming Pool is one of tourism place. Many people come to swim and refreshing. Moreover, if there are festivals held. If you want to visit it, do not forget to visit the Raja Panipi’s grave also. The building is twist. You can shelter under. The grave is beautiful with blue and white color. Good for take a photo and have a fun to visit one of Gorontalo kings. Raja Panipi’s grave is so full with the magical backgrounds that foreign visitors must be very pleased to visit and to know the story of the King that has a unique strength. Located in Gorontalo regency and approximately 12 kilometers far from the city, this grave can be found at Batudaa village. The visitors can reach the place easily by cars, motorcycles, or the traditional vehicle called Bentor and another common transportations that we have to pay for it very cheap about Rp 5000. This historical tourism spot is in a strategic place because it’s rounded by traditional market and surprisingly, it is closed to the natural pool Taluhu Barakati which is known as “The Blessing Water”.

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