Taluda’a Waterfall


Gorontalo, at the first time, was an area which most of the place is water stagnated, and in term of Gowa’s people called Hulontalo, it means water stagnated at hill. Then, when Dutch come to dominates this area, they are so difficult to say the word “Hulontalo”, so they often pronouncing Horontalo, which is become Gorontalo at the last. Based on the matter above, so Gorontalo has already showed beautiful of water that we can see on Taludaa Beautiful Waterfall. Taludaa Beautiful Waterfall located in Taludaa village, Bonepantai subdistric ± 65 Km from the center of Gorontalo. We can reach this place by bike or car. It needs 2 hours to get this area. But to get this waterfall, someone has to walk during one hour. Although the tourist need one hour, but it cannot make bored because of the beautiful of panorama around the way that the tourist will passed.

Some people can take rest for a moment when they feel tired; around 1km from the place they start there is a small cabin, it will be served to the next of 1km again. But, sometimes people usually walk to this waterfall without take a rest. For them, it is good for their healthy with breathe a fresh air around the place. When someone reach the half of mount to get the waterfall, panorama of its place showed just like a fresh forest without any disturb from other thing. The place also is suitable for camping. Some people near this village camping every 2 month. Taste of the entire thing which nature serves to use. Such as fresh water and some foods (like fruits) which grow in this place.

The waterfall which has a height ± 42 m and expanse is ± 15 m placed in a forest of agro-tourism such as Duren, yellow fruit, jackfruit and some other leafy trees with clean water. So everybody, when visited can taste this kind kinds of fruits without pay it. But if you want to bring it to your family or friend, you must buy it by the low and cheap prices. The government in this place means to give this fruits free because of they want to exposes and introduce the yield of this place to every tourist. So everybody will know both of the agricultural produce and panorama that Taludaa had. Because this place is new, maybe most of the people do not know this as one of tourism places. In addition, 30m from the waterfall there are 10 cottages provide for tourist. The price for a day is 25.000, – rupiahs. This waterfall is not same as other waterfall in generally. There are many other things that people can see or do near this waterfall. For example they can see many fruits plantation which said before. Beside the people enjoy the beauty of panorama while take a rest in cottage, they can taste those agricultural produce. Around 10m from waterfall, there is also waterspout. It is can consume without a process like heat some water. It comes from the centre of water in the mountain, certainly it still fresh without any contamination from other danger bacteria. Or, when someone wants to take a bath, he/she can feel how fresh and cool of its water. The people in this place believe that, when someone take a bath or drink this water will give a new spirit to do everything, or for someone when have a big problem, whether it’s about life or matter in work will feel fresh and never stress again.

Besides that, most of the plant which grow at this place is plant of waterfall. These plants are growing under near the waterfall. Its color is green and yellow. When its leaves are fall, the color will look sorrel. If viewed from a distance will look very beautiful and more interesting. In the next time, government at this place have a plan to make it became popular; they will serve handicraft or souvenir. So everybody, if you are interested with this place, come in!! And taste the fresh air, cool water, and beautiful of panorama! It is still natural and keeps from other pollution from outside.

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