Tahai Lake is a small lake located in Tahai village, Tumbang Tahai Village, Bukit Batu district, located about 29 Km from Palangkaraya town. It is very easy to reach this lake, takes only 30 minutes either by using two-wheel vehicles either four-wheel vehicles.

Tahai comes from Dayak language, means lake. Based on the community mythology, Tahai lake formed from sand excavation that turn to water logging, so it does not flow to the next river. There are many Tahai in Central Kalimantan, but Tahai Lake is the most popular lake. This lake, with dense forest feel, bridge over the lake, the water wagon, some huts to remove your fatigue and facilitated with several lodges. Another special thing of Tahai Lake is the wooden bridge that surrounded this forest area, so that the visitors do not have to worry about waterlogged peat. In the forest, visitors can enjoy the cool and fresh air while listening to the jungle birds chirp sweetly. If you’re lucky, visitors can also meet with uwak-uwak, one of rare species of monkeys which are protected by the government and exist only in this region. 

Tahai lake has special unique thing that cannot found in others lakes (especially outside of Kalimantan island), the red water caused by tree roots in peat. Around the lake, visitors can also see a unique sight, ie there are many floating houses that the locals referred to as Lanting home. The background of the formation of the lake is not known for certain until now. However, there are two versions of the story that developed in the community of the origins of the formation of this lake. First, Tahai lake formed due to the accumulation of stagnant water in sand mining location. Second, Tahai lake formed due to flow changes Kahajan, forming puddles that do not follow the flow of the river again. These lakes include the type of lowland lakes. Around the lake there is a very dense peat swamp forest.

Possibly, said Tahai derived from the Dayak language means lake. Based mythology society, the Lake Tahai formed due presence of puddle of water who the form of quarrying sand, so that do not flows toward the river the next. Very much indeed amount Tahai in Central Kalimantan, but that is in demand by the visitors is Lake Tahai. This lake, with a natural feel very dense forest, bridge over the lake, the water wagon, some huts remove fatigue and accompanied by a variety of lodging.

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