Turis Terdampar di Bali

Ribuan Turis Terdampar di Bali seiring naiknya kasus COVID-19 di Indonesia

Ribuan Turis Terdampar di Bali | Rencana Mark Gilbert untuk backpacking keliling Asia Tenggara gagal total ketika imigrasi menutup akses perbatasan untuk mencegah sebaran pandemi COVID-19. Warga negara Inggris itu tiba di Bali, pada 16 Maret, dari Laos. Gilbert seharusnya pergi ke Vietnam setelah liburan… Read More »Ribuan Turis Terdampar di Bali seiring naiknya kasus COVID-19 di Indonesia

Indonesia offers big discounts to attract foreign tourists amid cancellations

The government will provide discounts of up to 30 percent for both foreign and local travelers in a bid to revive Indonesia’s tourism, as more tourists cancel their vacation plans to the country over fears of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Unveiled by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, the plan will be relayed to travel companies, airlines and other related industries.

“I met with the finance minister this morning and we will weigh the possibility of providing a discount or incentive of up to 30 percent of actual prices to foreign tourists,” he said.

No details of the incentives have been announced but related ministers said that discounts would be applied to tour package to certain destinations and service fees waived on airlines at local airports, among other measures.

Tourism in Indonesia Needs More Inbound Tour Operators

Indonesian Tourism requires more Inbound Tour Operators in each destination.

This was revealed in a discussion organized by The J-Team, initiator and organizer of the Tourism Talks Club, in collaboration with DPD ASITA Jakarta, at the National Museum Auditorium, Tuesday (9/24).

The discussion discussed the tourism trade system, especially in the travel business sector, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

In an era of internet of things (IoT) where things are getting easier, the supply chain of products and services is getting shorter, consumers are demanding that everything is fast and seamless affect the established trading system in the tourism industry.


Exquisite Trowulan Tour with Batu Resort in 3 Days 2 Nights

Description Trowulan is supposed to be the center of the Majapahit Kingdom with plenty of archaeological heritages such as temples (Bajangratu, Gentong, Wringinlawang, etc.), ancient pool (Segaran Pool, Tikus), gateway, and other artifacts like statue, relief, some equipment of ceremony, and household. Batu is a… Read More »Exquisite Trowulan Tour with Batu Resort in 3 Days 2 Nights

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Save Indonesia’s tourism revenue

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The government is asked to immediately find ways to cover the potential loss (potential loss) of foreign exchange from the tourism sector which is estimated at the US $ 4 billion due to the corona virus outbreak. The virus outbreak originating from Wuhan, China has caused cancellations (cancellation) to more than 20 thousand foreign tourist visits to Indonesia in just a few weeks.

Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Didien Junaedy said the government must be able to take advantage of the current situation by adopting a switching destination for tourists who were going to China to Indonesia. He believes, if the strategy can be implemented well, it can reduce potential loss by up to 50%. “Moreover, the average European tourist spending is quite large, so it will greatly help reduce the potential loss of foreign exchange due to corona outbreaks. But, the government must immediately implement this strategy, because the time is not much, “Didien told Investor Daily in Jakarta, Friday (2/14).