Indonesia offers big discounts to attract foreign tourists amid cancellations

The government will provide discounts of up to 30 percent for both foreign and local travelers in a bid to revive Indonesia’s tourism, as more tourists cancel their vacation plans to the country over fears of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Unveiled by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, the plan will be relayed to travel companies, airlines and other related industries.

“I met with the finance minister this morning and we will weigh the possibility of providing a discount or incentive of up to 30 percent of actual prices to foreign tourists,” he said.

No details of the incentives have been announced but related ministers said that discounts would be applied to tour package to certain destinations and service fees waived on airlines at local airports, among other measures.

Tourism in Indonesia Needs More Inbound Tour Operators

Indonesian Tourism requires more Inbound Tour Operators in each destination.

This was revealed in a discussion organized by The J-Team, initiator and organizer of the Tourism Talks Club, in collaboration with DPD ASITA Jakarta, at the National Museum Auditorium, Tuesday (9/24).

The discussion discussed the tourism trade system, especially in the travel business sector, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

In an era of internet of things (IoT) where things are getting easier, the supply chain of products and services is getting shorter, consumers are demanding that everything is fast and seamless affect the established trading system in the tourism industry.


Exquisite Trowulan Tour with Batu Resort in 3 Days 2 Nights

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Indonesia repositions itself as a vibrant brand – news from Saudi Arabia

Indonesia is keen on repositioning itself with showcasing as a vibrant brand among the Saudi people with a raft of initiatives, according to Eko Hartono, the new consul general of Indonesia in Jeddah. “We plan to hold several events and programs aimed to achieve this ambitious goal over the coming period,” he said, as stated by the Saudi Gazette.

Hartono said that his priority after assuming office revolves around this objective. Other priorities include improving the image of Indonesia and its people in the eyes of Saudis, boosting economic diplomacy with enhancing bilateral economic ties, especially in trade and tourism, and thirdly continue serving and protecting the rights of immigrant citizens. “All these three are interrelated as we see it is imperative to improve the image of the most populous Muslim nation as the biggest economic power in South East Asia to further improve our economic ties with the Kingdom. The world’s largest archipelago, with officially listed 17,508 islands, has several tourist destinations and historical places with rich and diverse heritage and culture,” he said.


Various magical performances will be present at the Meratus Dayak Festival in 2020

Meratus Dayak Festival in 2020. Various Dayak traditions and culture will be displayed attractively through various festival content.

Held in the village of Kapul, Halong, Balangan, Friday (10/10/2020) to Sunday (11/10/2020), this event held a regency/city cultural arts festival in South Kalimantan. As for one of the magnets of the festival, Aruh Adat Baharin in Tabuan Village, Balangan. Aruh Adat Baharin is a form of gratitude for the abundance of crops. This ritual is also a form of respect for ancestral spirits. In a written statement, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) explained that the Dayak people believed that ancestral spirits always protected them from disaster, reported by Kompas.

As a medium, they slaughtered several buffaloes, goats, and even chickens. In its implementation, several stages were undertaken. The festival will also present a Kolosal Dayak Dance.

Indonesia plans to build ’10 new Balis’ across the country to lure more international tourists

Arriving at Pulisan Beach, on the eastern tip of North Sulawesi, the sand is white and the water is warm.

It is a picturesque cove, home to coral reefs and tropical fish.

Malcolm Barnes’s family has been guiding tourists around this part of the world for almost two decades.

“It gives me pleasure showing people around my home, showing them the nature, its culture, its people,” he says.

Pulisan Beach is in Likupang, North Sulawesi and it could be transformed into the next big tourist mecca.

Likupang is one of five new economic zones the Indonesian Government is developing alongside its plan to create 10 “new Balis”.

“People here are not much different to Bali people,” North Su

Mount Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia

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