Suryo Monument

Like other natural tourist resort, this ecotourism resort also offers the natural panorama that set against the dense teak and mahogany forestry. The specialty, that at the edge of this ecotourism resort the Soerjo Monument has been erected to mark 23 species of rare plants which are protected by law, such as; the sawo kecik, citradora, cendana, sonokeling, and others. There also many kinds of birds that have been bred like; the Perkutut, Podang, Jalak, Bekisar and Jungle flows.

For the comfort of its visitors, the management i.e. the Perum Perhutani KPH Ngawi has made available various facilities. They are; an information room, musholla, a pendopo to rest, a children’s play ground, handicrafts, showroom, public utilities, and plenty of parking area.

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