Surfing on Karamajat

karajamat.jpgKaramajat Island is part of Mentawai archipelago. Lies about one degree below of the Equator and it makes this island no influenced by easterly trade winds that often happen on the other part of Indonesia, what a unique place to go. On this island, there is  a resort, named Kandui resort, develop by western development.

Karamajat island is  unspoiled beauty of nature with soothing rythim of the tides and the allure of perfect surf to explore. A perfect island  for  you to feel the classy surf. A several waves on karamajat: 4 Bobs, A Frame, Bankvaults, Beng-beng, Burgerworld, E Bay, Hideaways, Iceland, Kandui, karangbat Left, Nipussi, Telescopes, Scarecrows, Rifles, and Pitstops. The zone of wave are in Nyang-Nyang, Playgrounds, Siberut, and Sipora. Just to remember to share a waves, and have a nice surfing

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