Surfing on Cimaja Beach, Sukabumi – West Java

For the surfing lovers, Cimaja Beach is the best choice for the adventures. Cimaja is a coastal region located Pelabuhan Ratu, Cimaja village, Cisolok district, Sukabumi regency, West Java which has the potential to be surfing the wave fields in Indonesia. With the roaring waves, Cimaja be the perfect location for surfers to enjoy the challenge cradle wave on a surfboard. It is available in South Sukabumi make this beach one of the break – point of the surfers who want to test your nerve and surfing capabilities. Cimaja beach no less intense and riveting with a number of beaches in Bali. The visitors usually linger in Cimaja as in others challenging waves, beautiful scenery and the atmosphere is very quiet.

Access to the beach CimajaThe trip to the beach Cimaja Sukabumi is not difficult, only about 120 km from Jakarta to Cimaja, from Bandung, about 203 miles, and about 80 km from Bogor. To get to the beach Cimaja from Jakarta, you can use the bus majors Jakarta – Bogor, Bogor bus transit terminal, then continue the trip by bus Bogor – Pelabuhan Ratu, then get off at the bus terminal Pelabuhan Ratu , then continue the trip using public transportation to the beach Cimaja . If you depart from the city of Bandung , you also have to use the bus to Sukabumi , Sukabumi city transit terminal , continue to use the bus majors Sukabumi – Pelabuhan Ratu . After arriving at the terminal you can take public transportation to the beach Cimaja .

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