Surabaya Citra Raya Real Estate

It all supported by various facilities like golf courses and family club, international school, shopping market, and other. The housing area is managed inwrought by an institute. Once in a while we meet busy women to abstract grass weed, sprinkle crop by using sprayer and water faucet being attached alongside the road. They are worker woman that is visible contrast with “moderation” and a luxuriant housing image.

Following the success of Citra Raya, the Company developed several other projects to expand the existence of Ciputra Group in East Java and also other parts of Indonesia. In 1995 the Company marked the opening of 18-hole Ciputra Golf, followed by the next 9-hole in 1997 to become the most popular golf club in East Java. The Family Club adjacent to the Golf Club House commenced its operation also in 1997. Both the golf and family clubs are private clubs by membership only.

In 1998, the Company launched Graha Citra, a residential estate in the north of Citra Raya. Due to weak demand during the monetary crisis in 1998, this project was suspended until 2001. In 2003 this project was re-launched as Bukit Palma. Bukit Palma more affordable houses for middle class, therefore complements Citra Raya that provides more offers houses.

In August 2005, the Company also commenced the operation of Ciputra Waterpark in Citra Raya. Covering 4 hectares of land, Ciputra Waterpark is the largest water park in Indonesia. The Company has been through a long journey to become a major real estate player in Indonesia. It created vision on raw land and develop it for better living of the people. It successfully survived during the monetary crisis in 1998 and has been growing afterwards.

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