Surabaya Al-Akbar Mosque

al-akbar_mosque.jpegBe the biggest mosque in Surabaya with modern and unique architecture style; reside in south Surabaya region Pagesangan close to turnpike Surabaya-Gempol. A real Luxury mosque building and respect had become the religion centre of activities for Islam believer in Surabaya. The strategic situation earned easily gone through from various areas outside Surabaya. This mosque is more knowledgeable as The Great Surabaya Mosque.

Al-Akbar Mosque Surabaya stand on a width of 11,2 hectares land, broadly building 28509 square meters. Unique impression from this building lay in unique mosque dome design like lamellar structure with combination of blue and green color, giving cold impression and fresh. It has a main building and two direct penetrative from other buildings to main building. It also had built a tower equipped with a lift that opened for the public.

From this tower we can be enjoyed the view of Surabaya city that real beautiful, especially in nighttime with many town lamps from the physical plant in Surabaya. This mosque is opened on 10 November 2000 by president RI which taken hold of by Abdul Rachman Wachid.
At Sunday morning there are a small market that very crowded to visited.

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