Sunyaragi Cave Cicerem, West Java

Gua Sunyaragi is a cave that located in the village of Sunyaragi, Kesambi, Cirebon city where there is a temple-like building called the Cave Sunyaragi, or Sunyaragi Water Park, it also oftenly called Tamansari Sunyaragi. The name “Sunyaragi” comes from the word “sunya” which means quiet and “ragi” which means the body, both Sanskrit. The main objective is the establishment of the cave as a place for rest and meditation by the Sultan of Cirebon and his family.

Sunyaragi cave is one of the objects of cultural heritage in the City of Cirebon with an area for about 15 hectares. The object of this cultural heritage is at the side of the by pass road of Brig.Dharsono, Cirebon. The construction and composition of the building site is a water park. Therefore, Cave Sunyaragi is also called as Sunyaragi cave water park.

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