Sunset Moment in Lampuuk Beach Aceh, Banda Aceh – Indonesia

Lampuuk Beach is one of favorite destination and becomes an icon beach in Aceh, the northern tip of Sumatra Island. Lampuuk Beach is one of the tsunami 2004 “witnesses”.The beach length is reached 4 kilometers restricted by a mountain rocks beneath which there are caves under the water. 

The beach located at Meunasah Masjid Village, Aceh Besar district, about 15 kilometers from the city of Banda Aceh. Near the main road of Banda Aceh – Calang (Aceh Jaya); any vehicles, public transport or taxis can take you to this area.

Besides swimming in the blue and clean beaches, visitors can enjoy special food of Lampuuk beaches, grilled fish Lampuuk. Visitors can choose the fish that will be grilled. This food can be enjoyed under the hut (local: Jamboo)

Visitors also can enjoy the beauty of the beach by banana boat with a capacity of five people; visitors only have to pay Rp. 25 000. Banana boat will take you around the beach until 20 meters from the beach for 20 minutes.

On this beach there Rahmatullah mosque not far from the beach, this mosque is the only building not destroyed during the tsunami in 2004. In the corner of the mosque there are pillars which destroyed by the tsunami, after the renovation, the mosque committee did not repair this angle as an evidence the great destruction of tsunami in 2004 in order that our grandchildren will not forget it.

By late afternoon we will see the charm of a sunset in the western corner of Indonesia, this moment becomes the most beautiful and romantic moment on the Lampuuk beach.

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