Sundak Coast

Sundak Coast was in one area with some coastal tourist attractions in the Gunungkidul Regency. So, tourists who wanted to look for the atmosphere of the different coast could move towards the other location. Several other coasts that the location was adjacent to the Sundak Coast were: Baron’s Coast, Krakal Coast, Kukup Coast, Drini Coast, and Sepanjang Coast.

From Yogyakarta headed the capital of the Gunungkidul Regency, Wonosari, and tourists could raise the bus that departed from the Terminal of Giwangan Yogyakarta. The trip needed time around 1 hour. An arrival in the Wonosari City, usually bus passengers are dropped off around the Wonosari Market or the area of shops there. Afterwards, looked for the small bus that headed Baron’s Coast or Krakal. By traveling with this small bus, took up time between 40 minutes—1 hour. If the tourists departing from the centre of the Yogyakarta City at once headed the coast by the wheel vehicle of two, the trip took up time around 2 hours.

When entering the region of the coastal tourist attraction in Gunungkidul, tourists must pay Rp. 4,050 (in November 2009) per the person first in the fee post that was in the main road headed the location. Whereas when visiting the Sundak Coast, tourists not charged the cost anything, except Rp. 1,000 to park the vehicle.

Because the Sundak Coast was still being very young as the tourist attraction, accommodation indeed would not the found in this coastal region. But, in several coasts on the west of the Sundak Coast, namely the Kukup Coast, Krakal Coast, or Baron’s Coast, tourists could find him easily. In several coasts, was gotten simple accommodations. The rental price of the room per at night then also relatively cheap. Moreover, the visitor then could lease home stay around this region. Moreover, was gotten also shops to eat for the tourists. Moreover, this region also provided other facilities, like the bathroom and prayer room.

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