Sunan Bonang Grave

sunan_bonang2.jpgSunan Bonang is one of "Wali Songo", the preachers in Islam. This grave is located at the center of the town, exactly behind the Great Mosque (Masjid Agung), beside Tuban square. This grave complex is stated in Bektiharjo village, Semanding district, about 5 Km from the centre of the city to the South side. It is not far from the centre of Tuban Regency government.

Every day, this grave is often visited by the domestic and foreign pilgrim who came to Tuban with the wish and their respective requirement. The visitor will explore when the "Haul" (special anniversary for death person) is held, that is in every Thursday Pon (Javanese day) in Muharram month (Islamic Calendar).

Water that left from this grave complex was believed in usefull and almost the pilgrim drank and brought it home as present that was believed can brought a blessing. This grave complex also has a swimmingpool with national standard that was filled directly from the natural resources.

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