Sultan Kasimuddin Mosque


Kasimuddin Mosque is a historical mosque in Bulungan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The mosque is located in Tanjung Central Palas, Palas Tanjung districts. Kasimuddin Masjid land area 3560.25 m2, and a building area of 585.64 m2. Mosque building made of wood and concrete, shaped semi-permanent buildings. The walls of the building are made of ironwood boards. According to the local community foundation and the floor was made from a mixture of cement and stone are covered with patterned tiles imported from European architecture Netherlands.

The main hall of a square, measuring 19 × 19 m, height of the building to a peak 15.50 m. The main hall of the building has several poles that consists of four main poles / pillars with a rectangular cross section, height 11.15 m. Twelve pole maid with a rectangular cross-section height of 8 m surrounding the main mast. Fifty pieces of auxiliary pole to the three rows of 12 pillars surrounding the maid, the bottom row of pillars that once a board construction grip the walls and doors of the mosque doors, and forty-seven poles. Kasimuddin mosque does not have a window, while the entrance 11 pieces located around the building. Building priests have specificity in the room and the roof. The room measuring 3.60 x 2.80 m with a pentagon. The walls consist of a semi-permanent bottom one meter high made of pairs of tiles / tiles patterned with green color yellow board, on the wall made of ironwood boards.

At the front of the room mihrab mounted translucent white glass and top mounted green tinted glass that surrounds the room. Window glass window serves as a mosque indoor lighting. In the room there are six pole mihrab serves as the cantilever roof. The roof is not tiered three, but only one and is shorter than the roof of the main building. Pengimanan roof is octagonal. The peak of the dome as the main building, the domed roof upwards decreasing or tapered and at the end there is a crown made of carved wood. Kasimuddin mosque established during the reign of Sultan Maulana Muhammad Kasimuddin (1901-1925), King Bulongan. After he died, he was buried in the courtyard of the mosque to the west, while the surrounding tomb is the tomb of the royal family. Kasimuddin mosque restoration project undertaken by Conservation / Utilization of Historical and Archeological East Kalimantan from fiscal year 1992 / 1993-1993 / 1994.

The mosque of the Sultanate of Bulungan built on an area covering approximately 3,500 hectares in the reign of Sultan Datu Belembung who holds Kasimuddin (1900-1925). Sultan Kasimuddin the sultan to-9 in the Bulungan Sultanate government.

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