Indonesia is a vast country and consists of thousands of islands and mountains. This case are very support in making a tourist spot that is very diverse. One of them is the waterfall. In Indonesia, the waterfalls are so very easy to find. Both on the big island and in small island outposts. One of the most famous of which is the location is Suhom Waterfall located in the village and the village of Kreung Kala Suhom Lhoong Aceh Besar, Aceh province. While for the tourists who go there by their own vehicle, it only takes 45 minutes.
Other names of Waterfall Suhom is waterfalls Krueng kala or Lhoong, falls this as a source of water from a hill with water spilled about 20 meters. The position waterfall is located in the middle panorama nature that are beautiful and natural. In the area there are many trees durian durian season, so that in many who sells durian around waterfall. In addition, in the surrounding waters there are also location that can be used to camp.

Waterfall pouring down this become a source of electrical energy for the people in the surrounding villages Kreung Tuan At That time. A hydroelectric plant mikrohidro now has been built near waterfalls and operated for irrigating rice plants to 200 head of the family villagers Kreung Tuan At That time.

Travel to the location waterfall must pass through the hills Rising and Kulu. Vehicles will cross the street rise, an instance, and the sharp turns steep. On the side of the road, there is a gap that often landslides during rainy season so drivers must be careful. Although track extreme on the top of the hill, the scenery is captured. Blue Sea under the Indian Ocean be clearly seen. Color contrast combined with green trees that stretches from the top of the hill to the shoreline. Often, it would seem there are a number monkeys hanging from a tree to another.

This waterfall has several levels. First level, than water rush around 3 meters, high both about 5 meters, and third around 10 meters. However, the visitors were not allowed to two and three because there have been micro hydro power plant that is capable of producing electricity to 23 kilowatt per hour.

In the bottom waterfall level one there are well as wide as about 5 meters depth with more than 2 meters. Those many swimming pools in it. For those who could not swim can enjoy pouring out water that fell from the hill. Water that fall one by one to the body it feels like reflection massage. There is also a submerged in the suburbs lake   enjoy fresh water and cold. The atmosphere in around the waterfall cool because there is leafy trees who on average more than 5 meters. Sometimes we hear voice birds.

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