Sriti Cave

goa_sriti.jpgWonosalam District area is rich of beautiful nature panorama and historical tourism object. Besides Goa Sigolo Golo, there is also Goa Sriti / Sriti Cave that located in Wonosalam district, Jombang regency.

As same As Sigolo Golo, the interesting of this cave is we must pass a real footpath with complicated length. Sriti cave is easier to reached because the visitor must walk on the ground and the road that being passed, not too long, accompanied by green forest scenery and occasionally pass the resident’s causeway of rice field which grew by many trees of teak and banana.

About the name, there is no a clear source about this cave’s name. Nevertheless, the fascination of this cave is same as the other cave. This cave is longer and widely from Goa Sigolo golo, Sriti is more concavely and there are flowing water on the top wall which so fascinate.

Sriti cave is very suited place for resting of tired visitor after walk away and then clean up their face by its water from cave’s wall.
From various stories, at that time, this cave is said as the place of meditation of the empire member of Majapahit and the place of hideaway ”nyepi" from the bustle of Majapahit city.

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