Sri Baduga Museum in Bandung

Sri Baduga is museum has more than 5367 pieces in their collections from various fields such as geology, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, Numismatika (form of currency or medium of exchange (token) that’s valid), Heraldika (collection of objects that constitute service mark, symbol, and the official insignia (seal/ stamp)), Philology (the humanistic study of language and literature), Pottery, Arts and Technology. Most collections are from science-related ethnography of local cultural objects.
Activities held at the museum include: Temporary exhibitions, traveling exhibitions, museum exhibitions in cooperation with the provinces, various levels of student competitions, lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.

Sri Baduga museum building is divided into three floors. First floor showing the early development of the natural history and culture of West Java by displaying the heritage objects handcrafted from prehistoric times to the Hindu-Buddhist era.The second floor contains exhibits with materials of the traditional culture in the form of patterns of community life, livelihood, commerce, transportation, the influence of Islam and European culture, the history of national struggle, and symbols of regional districts and cities in West Java.The third floor is exhibiting ethnographic collections of various forms and functions of the contents, the arts, and foreign ceramics.


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