Soto Madura Prihandono

soto_artikel7.jpgSoto was one of Indonesian food is very tasty and almost every city has different characteristics soto. Well, this time we will taste the flavor soto madura, but do not need all the way to Surabaya to taste it because there are places in Jakarta are also typical Surabaya soto madura quite legendary.

His name is Soto Surabaya-Madura Typical PL and this is one place soto culinary in Central Jakarta area that should be visited. Location soto madura typical Surabaya is located at Jalan Juanda, Jakarta Pusat. Its location is also strategically close to the Presidential Palace, Monas, Gambir Station, as well as other government buildings. Once entering Jalan Juanda, you can see a large signpost pictorial Soto wagon with the words "Typical of the Surabaya-Madura Soto PL".

You must be curious about the word "PL" in tow. PL is the initials of the owner, the father of Prihandono Lazarus. Soto has been existed since the 1980’s has many fans, evidenced by the many ranks of official photographs and artist was displayed on the walls. Nuances restaurant is still a little impressive past, especially coupled with the East Javanese yoke placed in front of the entrance. The restaurant owner also wants to preserve indigenous culture.

Surabaya typical food menu that they serve, such as oxtail soup, meat soup, a special soup, egg soup, salad cingur, chicken satay, noodles Java, rawon, tofu eggs, and much more. Hmm … keliatannya delicious all, but this time I wanted to try out the eggs, chicken satay, and it is definitely a very good meat soup that.

Soto madura has a slightly brown gravy color black, not clear like soup in general. This is because sotonya use beef broth and the color became dark because beef extract. Gravy fragrant, very feel-rempahnya spices. The meat is very tender. Soto madura la Prihandono Mr. Lazarus is also delicious.

Another distinctive feature of this restaurant is white rice that has a distinctive scent. The smell was probably due wrapped in banana leaves. And, rice is also served at the table. Guest restaurant immediately took his own rice.

Satay chicken is also delicious. Chicken meat is rather large, but it’s still soft in the mouth. Coupled with nut flavor that makes it so more comfortable. So do not forget to chicken satay is also worth a try.

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