Songa Rafting or commonly called the Songa Adventure is a natural attraction to the genre of adventure or adventure in the form of white water rafting which is located in Probolinggo Regency. Rafting tour is located in the village of Ranu Gedang, Tiris District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java province. Probolinggo Pekalen river that flows fairly heavy, travel slowly begun to attract the interest of both local and foreign tourists. Songa Rafting is one of the mainstays than tourism in Probolinggo district, after the famous Mount Bromo with sunrise and his Bromo crater. Local authorities are trying to improve the facilities and infrastructure for the betterment of the local community economy to constantly monitor and supervise one of the assets the government is supposed to have visited by the King of Majapahit King Hayam Wuruk and his Patih faithful that Gajah Mada.

One of Probolinggo regency tourism icon is sourced from springs Mount Argopuro and Mount Lamongan with an average width of river water depth of 5-20 meters and approximately 1-3 meters. And is one of the most challenging rafting tour in the ranks of the tourist attractions in East Java. Agency stream that can be used for rafting is 29 km. The rafter call Pekalen river as a paradise for rafters (rafter paradise), because it combines exceptional nature with rows of bat caves and waterfalls that are not found in other rivers, as well as rafting the rapids are challenging and varied ranging from the River Pekalen top to bottom. Rafting in Songa Rafting is indeed very fun especially with treated natural beauty still maintained its beauty. The atmosphere is so quiet and can make we never feel bored to admire the beauty of God’s creation of the Universe.

The starting point of rafting is precisely located in the hamlet of Angin angina, Ranu Gedang Village. And also during the trip the tourists will be presented later on beauty 7 waterfalls, cave bat cave and natural rock structures that are still fresh and crisp.

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