Soeman H.S library is one of the storage libraries and national archives with the status of the provincial library. This library was built by the provincial government. This library was built with the APBD Riau budgeted, Riau Reading Education Movement. This library has six floors in order to meet public facilities such as libraries area, which at the time was in Riau not yet have a building representative. In 2008, Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla came to review and formalize Library Soeman Hs. In addition to being a reading room, the library also became a public space for the community. Unique design is inspired from the pedestal read the Qur’an at a glance is also similar to the currently open book.

Library name is taken from the name of novelist Riau, Soeman HS. Various support facilities ranging from praying, cafe, cafeteria, meeting rooms to auditoriums. There is also room for literature Malay culture. This library is called has the most comprehensive collection of literature Malay culture in Indonesia.

This library is not just for adults. Please take the children to the tourist attractions of this education. Here, there is a Children Library and Kids Corner very spoiling children. No need to have a membership card to be able to read a collection of books here. You are free to read a book on the couch or sitting on the floor, reading room very comfortable as it is equipped with air conditioning and free internet access. You do not charge to get into the tourist attractions in this Pekanbaru. Library is open every Monday – Friday at 8:00 a.m. to 17:00 and Saturday – Sunday at hours 9:00 a.m. to 14:00.

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