Soekarno’s House in Ende

During the struggle for Indonesian independence, the first Indonesian President, Soekarno, was once exiled by the Dutch colonial government for four years to Ende Flores (from 1934 to 1938).  Upon his arrival here, Soekarno did not have any place to stay.  After staying in a house near Port Ende, he then looked for a rented house facing east.  Soekarno then found a Dutch house occupied by Haji Abdulah Ambuwaru.  In this house, Soekarno lived for four years.  In 1954, when Soekarno became the Indonesian President, he officially inaugurated this house as a museum.  This house is now called Rumah Soekarno.

This house has two bedrooms, a living room and an office. In the back of the house is a room previously used by Soekarno for meditation and several rooms for maids.  In the back yard is a well, which is still working today.

During his exile here, Soekarno painted and wrote several plays such as Dokter Setan (Satanic Doctor).


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