Siwalima Museum, The Aquatic Collections Museum in Ambon

Siwalima Museum

The founding of the museum is on November 8, 1973. The recent building is located in Taman Makmur hill. Maluku’s heritage is preserved and portrayed in this museum. There are collections of ethnographic, historic and cultural and other scientific interests. Basically, this museum has two kinds of objectives that is from the historical-cultural point of view and the aquatic point of view.

Cultural performances and traditional events are presented as artistic attractions. Various kinds of souvenirs are also provided in a small cottage so that the visitors can buy the things of their interests. Most of the collections come from South-East Maluku, besides other ancient ones. The museum is located only 3 kilometers from the bus terminal, and to get there, you can board the Amahusu minibus with a stop at Taman Makmur or Batu Capeo. On special request, one can have the opportunity of watching local music, performances and hand woven cloth demonstrations.

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