Singkawang is a small town in the west Kalimantan, but there are many interesting tourism inside the town. One of popular destinations in Singkawang is Sinka Island Park; there is a zoo which has many kind of animals and a recreational park family vacation and playground for children.

Sinka Island Park is located in ” kelurahan sedau”, ”kecamatan Singkawang selatan”, around 9 km from Singkawang center. To reach this park, from Singkawang center you can go to there by bus, motorcycle, and our personal vehicle.
In Sinka island park you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of a cove, which has the quiet water and blast of wind which tenderly grasp your face. You can also view the small islands on the both sides.

While you taking a walk on the sands, there are many small animal like as the small crab, lived in a hole under the sands. There are also many big and green trees, that make the air and the area so fresh and cold. At the side of the cove there is a zoo which has many kind of animals; like crocodiles, horses, monkeys, birds, etc. In this tourist area, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beaches around the wagon or horseback riding can be hired. This area is also available in the swimming pool, cafeteria, and plenty of food and drink stalls.

Besides walking around the beach with horses, visitors can also try water games on the beach is like a banana boat, jetski, bike and water. The most famous tourist area is Sinka Zoo. A zoo that has a hilly topography. The zoo is located in the south, about 500 meters after entering Sinka Island Park area. Like in the Safari Park, here we can surround Sinka Zoo by car. However, if visitors want to come down to take pictures are also welcome. Collection of animals at the zoo is reasonably complete. Here pal and sons and daughters could see even feed certain animals such as deer and albino buffalo . Other animals that are here are elephants, tigers, lions, bears, apes, peacocks, parrots, monkeys, sea eagles and snakes. Here visitors can also hold and take pictures with albino python native of Brazil. Scallop IslandBesides Sinka Zoo, the other attractions that can be visited is the Scallop Island. A small and tiny islands connected by a bridge that is in Sinka Island Park.

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