This is the highest waterfall in Indonesia, with a height of 250 meters and is located in the landscape near the Lake Toba. Ambient air is cool and airy character of the tourist attractions in North Sumatra this one. From a distance, this waterfall looks like a giant water flow with water thump is heard from a distance. This waterfall is sourced from the Asahan River water flow originated from Lake Toba. This waterfall is located in the district of Toba Samosir, which is one of the high land on the shores of Lake Toba, or about 250 km from the city of Medan. Due to its proximity to Lake Toba, it is not surprising that this waterfall is always visited by local and foreign tourists.

Name of the Sigura gura waterfall is very popular among the tourists, as well as the existence of an artificial dam which is right in front of it as a tourist attraction, river water flowed Sigura gura waterfall also often be the venue for a competition Rafting National And International Level Area. Some popular activities in addition to rafting, of course camping in the area of the waterfall. In addition, swimming in the river near the waterfall is an activity that almost always done a lot of tourists in addition to the pictures taken with the background of a waterfall and stunning natural landscapes. To reach this location, tourists can travel from the city of Medan to Toba Samosir which is about 250 km by using a private vehicle or public transportation, when using public transport, it will usually pegged at Rp 35.000-450.00 / per day. During the trip, tourists will be presented with a view of Lake Toba is so vast. Sigura gura waterfall presents a beautiful sight that is hard to forget by the tourists, especially first time coming to this Indonesian tourist spots.

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