In Lampung, there are beautiful building that represents the culture of the tower Siger Lampung. Siger Tower, The landmark of Lampung, is located in the District Bakauheni, South Lampung regency. This yellow beautiful building it is also a zero point where Lampung Sumatra highway as a gateway from eastern Sumatra. The building stands on a hill near the beautiful Bakauheni highly strategic port as a transit and tourist attractions.

In Bali, every office, shop and home is adorned with a carved, stone temple. In Lampung, every building proudly displays the Siger Crown, symbol of Lampung’s culture, history and heritage. The Siger crown is a decorative head-piece worn by traditional brides in Lampung and is a symbol of prestige amongst the women of Lampung. The crown has seven points which represent the seven mountains of Lampung which are said to have been where ancestors of Lampung originated before branching out into Lampung’s current communities. Some believe the origin of the Siger Crown is associated with Balaputradewa, King of Selopun, a region in Lampung. According to legend, Balaputradewa created the Siger Crown as a miniature of the Borobudur temple for his wife, who was thedaughter of Samaratungga.

Though many opinions exist regarding the origin of the Siger Crown, the fact that remains true is that the crown is embedded in every corner of the city and is a symbol of pride in the Lampung community. Unlike many of the surrounding communities which have chosen more masculine symbols such as traditional tools or weapons of war, Lampung proudly displays a bride’s crown as its emblem. However, this is not because Lampung observes a matriarchal society. Although still following the patriarchal lineage, women play a leading role in the community, with feminine values such as hospitality, respect and compassion held in high regard.

The Siger Tower was designed by Sjackhoredin ZP, governor of Lampung, with the help of architect Ir. Anshori Djausal MT. This massive yellow crown rises 32 meters above the limestone hill upon which it is built, and over 100 meters above sea level. Besides its crown-like shape, the building also incorporates various elements of traditional Lampung architecture. The project is said to have cost about 7 billion rupiah, though it is rumored to have been more than twice that amount. At the central peak of the crown’s seven points are three covered terraces of white, yellow and red, which symbolize Lampung’s social order. On the structure below, which supports this giant crown, is the inscription “Kayu Are” as symbol of the tree of the Lampung Community.

This giant monument was constructed using the ferrocement system, making the building resilient to earthquakes and tremors. This structure consists of a steel wire mesh that resembles a spider web, which is then covered with a thin layer of cement. Strong and light, this method ensures good strength as well as resistance to impact. Siger Tower is a combination of technology, culture, and tourism, and is of course, the landmark and proud symbol of Lampung Province.


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