Ciberang River upstream is located in Lebak District, Banten Province and showcases a spectacular landscape. The exploration starts in Kampung Muara, a part of Lebak Regency, and the length of exploration is about 12-15 km. Ciberang River is different from any other rivers in Java, due to its clear and fresh water. It is also still possible to found untouchable forests and the unique Java eagles flying high above the forest areas around the river. In the exploration of Ciberang River, you will find a stoney area which is the remains of volcanic eruption. This area gives a unique touch to the river view and also to the complicated form of the river streams. So far, the river has only been explored for white water rafting tourism activities. At the down stream of the river, you can enjoy natural hot shower that is believed to benefit our health and cure various diseases. Artificial rafting rides at this time is no longer hard to find people in some urban recreation facilities. However, if you want to come back to enjoy the natural sensation of crossing the rapids, the river Ciberang in Lebak, Banten, are supposed to be the choice of places for rafting. Ciberang river in Lebak, Banten cascade has famous for white water.

Ciberang river is one of the attractions Nature Indonesia is located in Lebak, Banten Province. River which has a width of 50 m is sourced from the mountains of the mist and the source of life for the surrounding community. The river is also a tourist spot and rafting area. Attractions Ciberang River Lebak Banten has the feel of a beautiful natural landscape. On the banks of the river, the trees are diverse, unique rock climbing, and various forms of rock. In addition, around the river there are also green paddy fields and garden. All the scenery is the main attraction for tourists. The natural scenery along the 10 kilometer route was the main attraction on the river rafting Ciberang. Not to mention the opportunity to watch a variety of activities of people who look when crossing the village for the sake of the village. Muhara seen around the village residents who cross the river while carrying a sack of grain crops. With a sweep offset staggered steps in the basic flow of the river, the residents also had a chance to share a smile. Typical of rural hospitality.

There are four packages offered BRC rafting. Heavy current package I, with a route length of 700 meters covered for 20 minutes, can be enjoyed by visitors to pay Rp 50,000 per person. Heavy current package II, with a ticket price of Rp 185,000 per person, bring participants Ciberang River cascade down along the 10 kilometers, takes about two hours. Package III heavy current, by paying Rp 350,000 per person, will invite rafting down the river for 5 hours Ciberang along 25 kilometers. The complete package for Rp 205,000 per person offers an opportunity rafting on the route along the 11 kilometer plus a welcome drink, lunch, and young coconut dish.

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