Sianok Gorge

Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Gorge) has two hill walls facing each other almost vertically. Its height is about 100 to 120 meters and its length is about 15 km. These walls form a gorge where you could see large paddy fields and rivers at their feet. This gorge separates Bukit Tinggi and Mount Singgalang.

The beauty of Sianok can be seen from Panorama Park in Bukit Tinggi or you could also go into the gorge, which is a settlement and paddy field area. To enjoy the scenery from the Park, visitors could pay an entrance fee of Rp 3.000 per person. In addition to the gorges beauty, visitors can also visit a Japanese bunker located at the base of the gorge.  Ngarai Sianok is the most beautiful place in West Sumatra, particularly during sunrise and sunset.

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