Shy Princess Waterfall

shy-princess-waterfall.jpgShy Princess Waterfall is one of the region as a tourist attraction waykanan. This one is a tourist attraction to give a fairly good feel of nature, where there are potential types of tourism Shy Princess Waterfall which has a height of approximately 80 meters waterfall’s natural,
plus the cool air makes this place very suitable for natural adventures, rock climbing, camping, or just enjoying nature with family or friends.
This tourist attraction located in the district Banjit, which could easily we visit, because it is easily accessible from the causeway Sumateran. entrance to these attractions is the intersection toward SMU N 1 Baradatu, before we enter the busiest people in the region namely Baradatu waykanan. This tourist attraction more could be an option for a vacation with your family because the location is not too far away from residential areas compared to other places in waykanan, eg Curup gangsa. In addition there is a waterfall there too embarrassed daughter hot springs in the village jukuh banjit stone, near a rocky stream and beautiful neki, which is just 3 km from the village cukuh stone.

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