Seruni Beach, the Icon of Bantaeng

Seruni Beach is a tourist icon in Bantaeng of South Sulawesi, and can be regarded as a rival of Losari Beach, Makassar. Seruni Beach offering sea views which is quite beautiful. The beach is very clean and well maintained because every day janitors always control the cleanliness of the beach is so convenient for visitors.

Seruni Beach is located about 150 kilometers to the south of Makassar, about 2.5 hours from Makassar. You can find Seruni Beach easily if you are in Bantaeng because this beach is located in the heart of Bantaeng.

Seruni Beach has become the center activities of citizens Bantaeng. Although Seruni Beach not offers recreation and bathing beaches, but views of the sea and beaches beautiful enough to be immortalized for photography lovers. Every evening especially at weekends, many people spend time in Seruni Beach. It is suitable destination for hunting sunset in Bantaeng. You can move the afternoon such as jogging, walking around on a motorcycle while waiting for sunset arrives.

In Seruni Beach provides various facilities such as park benches, various recreation facilities such children riding scuter, swing, slide, the main stage of the park as a place organizing events, croquet, and a wide variety of street food vendors.
At night there is a culinary center here and you can taste the specialties. The trees are decorated with lights further enhance the atmosphere of the evenings at Seruni Beach.

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