Serelo is a hill that located about 20 km from Lahat city. Beneath the hill, there is a special complex for taming, training and educating elephant. There are about 25 elephant, which have been trained to show off some attractions to the visitor/ tourist.

Serelo Hills also often called Bukit Tunjuk or the Pointing Hill because of its unique shape like an index finger is pointing to the sky by the surrounding population. Serelo Hill has a very beautiful natural scenery and able to enchant visitors with its natural charm. On this hills grows a lot of wild weeds. From the top of the hill, visitors are able to witness all-round views of the green fields and the beautiful river flowing in between the foot of the hill. Serelo Hill is located in the region of Seganti Setungguan Lahat regency. This area deserves to be a tourist spot because of a beautiful scenery. In addition to the unique shape, the surrounding hills also have a very beautiful panoramic view, gives another major influence for its tourist area.

To enjoy the beauty of the Serelo Hills is not easy. The location is quite difficult to climb because of its steep rocks. In addition, the pathway are also quite slippery to even walk through. But for those who love hiking, this will certainly become a challenge before enjoying the main attraction which is the beautful scenery of these hills. There are checkpoints which are often used by visitors as a place for camping. There is also a coffee plantation owned by residents near the canyon, visitors are able to relax and enjoy the aroma of coffee and a light breeze that hit visitors.

When night falls, from this particular hill, visitors can see a sea of lights from houses, spreading wide like star clusters scattered on the surface of the earth. Another special thing that can be done by visitors is waiting for the sun to rise early in the morning.The location of this hill about 20 km from the town of Lahat. It isnt too hard to reach, only when climbing the hills, visitors will find it quite difficult. However, the view offered from the top of the hill is worth the trouble that visitors have to encountered earlier.

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