Serabi Duren

serabi_duren.jpgLet’s take a visit to Bogor,West Java, Indonesia, precisely at Jl. Sukasari 1 at the end of the road adjacent to the road Pajajaran. There’s a clearly visible fluorescent marker sign here. It says ‘Surabi Duren‘. Here, we can ejoy many kinds of surabi with diferent taste and flavor, from sausage, cheese, or duren spray. You adjust the taste with your liking. Jackfruit or chocolate cheese combined with durian will definitely make your tongue dance.

The say to make this surabi is no different from other types of surabi. Same basic ingredients, dough from rice flour mixed with coconut milk. What distinguishes it is only the toppings. But just with the different toppings, this surabi can make its lover to stand in line for hours just to taste it.

No wonder if 3 to 4 bags of charcoal with a total weight of approximately 70 kg are spent on making this surabi, daily!. One of the key flavors of this surabi determined by the coal that should always be burning, never extinguished.

If you are not a fan of durian (like me), you can just ask your surabi without the durian sauce. I personally prefer Java surabi, plain surabi flushed with coconut milk or sowed with grated coconut. But durian sausage is no less delicious, if you get used to its smell.

Uniquely, the crews involved in making this surabi come from various tribes in Indonesia, Name the Padang, Javanese, Sundanese and others. Maybe we should just call it Surabi Bhineka(diversity). FYI, the place is open from noon until 11 PM.

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