Sentani Lake

Apart from fish that lived natural, in this lake also was cultivated several fish commodities. These fish was cultivated inside “keramba” (like a box) that was built in the edge of the lake, with wood limits and the net measuring 4 X 4 meters. The other fish kind that was famous enough because it seems that was sweet and delicious was the cork fish Sentani.

Apart from witnessing various fish kinds, tourists could also see the local inhabitants who carried out the everyday activity, like made the painting with the bark base, carved wood, buried vegetables in the middle of the lake, as well as the habit dove while smoked. This last habit really quite unique, that is diving to look for the fish with help of cigarettes that were on to heat the body.

The other interesting matter that could be enjoyed by tourists was the Sentani Lake Festival that became Calendar of Event Visit Indonesia Year 2008. This festival will be carried out mid June by putting forward the attraction of the culture from villages (Ondoafi) around the Sentani Lake. On the first day, for example, tourists could witness thousands of dancers who put forward the traditional dance on the boat. Of course, the number of the dancers and the boat made this festival visible merry. On the second day, tourists could witness the war dance that also was exhibited on the boat with the number of dancers around 600an the person. This festival was afterwards closed on the third day with the cultural parade on the boat and in the land (in Sentani Lake outskirts). The festival closing ceremony was also carried out by carrying out the sacred ceremony, like the Ondoafi coronation and ritual the other tradition.

To head the Jayapura City, tourists could make use of the flight from various cities in Indonesia, as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Makassar headed the Sentani Airport, Jayapura. From this airport, tourists could make use of the transport of the route public of Abepura-Sentani with time followed around 20 minutes.

After satisfied surrounded the lake, the tourists could rest at the same time enjoying food with the main menu the fish and delicious freshwater prawns that was offered by restaurants in the edge of the lake. The menu that was difficult to be forgotten by tourists who once to the Sentani Lake were the fish of cork of acid broth, that presented the sweet and delicious feeling the cork fish with lovely acid broth. This restaurant generally has the shape of the house on stilts with direct scenery to the side of the lake.

The tourists who needed accommodation could make use of simple accommodation and the hotel around the Sentani Lake and in the Jayapura City. Both in Sentani and in the Jayapura City was equipped by various facilities, like banking, telecommunications means, as well as the quite adequate transport.

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