sendangsono.jpgSendangsono lies on the slope of Menoreh mountain range, Kulon Progo Regency, some 40 kilometers north-west of Yogyakarta. The word ” Sendang ” means a spring whereas ” Sono ” is the name of giant tree. Thus, Sendangsono means a spring under a Sono tree. It is considered to be the holy place for the Catholics, and it can be regarded as the Lourdes of South-east Asia. During May and October, the Holy Marie, Queen of Heaven.

Thousands of people from many different regions of Indonesia and even from abroad visit Sendangsono making their pilgrimage. From the main road they have to make their way on foot up the hill through a narrow path for about 3 kilometers until they come to Promasan church. The next 2 kilometers path between Promasan up to Sendangsono complex, is called the ” Crucifixion Path ” where people either individually or in groups wili pray the rosary along this path. At Sendangsono they take some water from the spring, put into bottles or other containers, place them under the statue of Holy Marie, and by the glimmering light of hundreds of candles they solemnly say their prayers to flority God the Almighty through Holy

The offering from the Yogyakarta palace consists a food, cutting of fingernails and hair of Sri Sultan which is thrown to the South Sea or Indian Ocean. The offering is intended to be presented to the Goddess of the South Sea, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. It is hoped by performing the ceremony the King and the people of Yogyakarta get their welfare. The same ceremony is also held on the top of mount Merapi and Lamu.

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